A little about LA Maria…

My name is Rohan, that is me above. I have two Marias’ in my life, my daughter Maria, who is 11 and the restaurant who she is named after - the restaurant has recently turned 10.

Restaurant La Maria is my home from home. Everything we cook and serve comes from the original Italian Pasquini oven you see behind me, the oven is the beating heart of the restaurant (more pictures in the gallery) - HERE!

La Maria is run by myself and my small team of trusted friends. We cook in tandem with the seasons and our moods! :-) For more information about our menu click - HERE!

We offer a vin natural wine-list in keeping with our approach of eating and drinking what natures provides at the time she provides it!

Call us on: +31 (0)6 3832 8482 FOR RESERVATIONS!